FirstBank—Capture the Cube

An annual interactive, multimedia promotion for FirstBank where skiers/snowboarders can find one of 100 orange cubes (FirstBank's logo) hidden at Copper Mountain and win a free pair of skis or a snowboard. My role was to take this annual campaign (traditionally print, website and app only) and update last year's components while putting a twist on it this year by adding an interactive social media "Where's Waldo-esque" story component. I also designed the prizes; I went for natural predators of the Rocky Mountains. This became a successful recurring campaign, reusing the interactive social media aspect, for 4 consecutive years.


When prompted via Instagram to find a hidden character in ads- the first person to find and post it on social media wins a free snowboard.


City buses during the Capture the Cube campaign.




The centerpiece of the campaign was the @CaptureTheCube Instagram account. I worked with Rod Hunt, a renowned map illustrator, to create an accurate map of Copper Mountain ski resort. I then broke it down in square grids and uploaded smaller square images on @CaptureTheCube. This way, the user would click on an image to see details, hidden characters, and clues. Over time, we would tease a clue, prompting users to look closely at the pictures and going to the mountain to find exactly where a cube is hidden.  



Buck Ross Productions

After the campaign wrapped up. I art-directed the case study video and worked with Buck Ross Productions to document a successful year.