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Pink Martini needed a unified visual/feel for their album art, press kits, and promotions. I pitched several ideas before landing on hot air balloons to echo the joy in their Get Happy album. This culminated in a bigger project- my team was tasked with publicizing their album release in Portland with a free concert in Pioneer Square before doing more promotional work in New York.

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An annual event that designers, makers, and thinkers can look forward to. Their mission is to allow creatives to explore the process, practice, and craft of design across disciplines. Wieden + Kennedy participated by hosting a symposium entitled “Non-Billable Hours” to showcase a selection of employees and their off-the-clock projects.

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Working alongside Wieden + Kennedy's Facebook account, I was given the role of creating visuals to communicate the idea of "home" and "friends," in anticipation of Facebook's new phone and Home launch. I paired copy with design to visually communicate connectedness and warmth as a departure from the cold facade Facebook is typically associated with.

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