YouTube is great. It would be even greater if it were more accessible. If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or speak another language- it’s hard to keep up with the latest cat videos. YouTube does have automatic captions, but they tend to be inaccurate and inconsistent at best. My idea, (inspired by Wikipedia and Reddit) is to open captioning up to the YouTube community for user-editing. Then these revised captions would be approved and remain with the video or rejected and resubmitted for editing. This feature could be linked with Google Translate to improve captioning in various language and captions could help with Google keyword searches. Increased accessibility would ultimately mean more users, more subscribers and more people enjoying cat videos. 


New action feature to gather more data for each video.

Proposed feature to add on each video page.

While concepting this feature, my goal was to keep it consistent with the existing flow of YouTube’s UI. I put the “Caption This” button under the “Subscribe” button to make requesting captioning easy and intuitive. I wanted the user to think, “Oh I like this video, it should be captioned!” the same way someone would say, “Oh I like this video, I should subscribe!” I put the caption editing page on the video page, so the user could watch the video as they type. Captions are not “all or nothing." The user is able to write and edit as much or as little as they would like. The goal is to make contributing as easy and user friendly as possible.